Welcome back to morning spoilers. We've got some juicy rumors about James Cameron's new movie Avatar, which come with a new photo of an alien life form. And we've got the inside scoop on a shocking plot twist in the Wolverine solo movie, with a few new set photos to back it up. And there's some new Lost scoopage as well. Consider this your only spoiler warning!

I was beginning to think James Cameron's mega-epic Avatar was spoiler-proof, but now a slew of details have cropped up online... from a completely unreliable source, of course. Supposedly the picture to the left shows how the lights "move" between the plants on the planet Pandora, showing that the plants are communicating with each other through their root system. And that's a native of the planet, a Na'vi, who also is communicating with the plants through the zappy lights. All the animals on the planet can communicate telepathically with the plant life. Not only that, but the Na'Vi can take their hair and weave it into the hair of the animals, and communicate with them that way. There's a whole talk-to-the-hair thing going on.

Also, there's a hint as to why Cameron's film has the title Avatar. Supposedly, it's because the humans use "Avatar chambers" to inhabit the bodies of natives of the planet. They look sort of like the cryo-chambers from the Alien movies, only upright and darker. There's speculation that Sigourney Weaver's character Grace is the one who figures out how the natives' communication "works" and finds a way for humans to take part.

The human soldiers occupying the planet by force build a big mess hall, with a giant American flag covering one wall, and they try to make the insides as Earth-like as possible, so they can pretend they're at home. Also, the human transport ships look sort of like the transports from Battlestar Galactica, only bigger and with more of a matte steel appearance. [MarketSaw]


More spoilers:

  • Wolverine is... the dog-faced boy? It seems as though the clunkily named X-Men: Origins: Wolverine will feature some kind of carnival full of exploited mutants. The circus is run by a bearded man named Dr. Freak, and includes a mutant named "Elastina." And Will.I.Am was there, sporting a big afro and a purple jacket. And here are some photos of the set. [AintItCool, via Cinematical]


  • In the March 20 Lost, the last one before a brief hiatus, Sayid confronts Ben's spy on the freighter. And Ben warns his daughter Alex to flee the camp to survive a coming attack. [DocArzt]
  • Also, in that same episode we'll find out who opened the door of the sickbay for Sayid and Desmond. And the mysterious death that's coming soon won't mean we'll have seen the last of that person. [SpoilersLost]