Just because Eliza Dushku will be an amnesiac with occasional false personalities in Joss Whedon's new TV show Dollhouse, doesn't mean she won't have friends. A new casting sheet for Dollhouse includes a whole raft of morally gray characters, including friends, mentors, bosses and a love interest. Click through for a list of the show's characters.

A new Fox network show starting as soon as next fall, Dollhouse stars Eliza Dushku as Echo, a "doll" who can take on any personality — including memories and abilities — she needs to complete a mission. When she's not on a job, Echo sits in her "dollhouse" in an amnesiac state. And here are her supporting cast. None of these parts have been cast yet (as far as we know), but here are the characters Joss has come up with:

  • Adelle Dewitt, the forty-something ice queen who runs the Dollhouse where Echo and the other "dolls" stay while they're blanked out between missions. It sounds like she'll be creepy and unsavory.
  • Paul Ballard, a thirty-something G-man who will become a sort of love interest for Echo (although will she remember him between gigs?).
  • Boyd Langton, who's Echo's "handler" and a sort of father figure to her. Sort of the Giles to her Buffy.
  • Topher Brink, the geek who programs Echo and the other "dolls," and may enjoy his mind-fucking work a little too much.
  • Sierra, one of Echo's fellow "dolls" and the closest thing to a friend she has
  • Victor, another "doll," who's amazingly handsome and who has to "play" everyone from Errol Flynn to Robert DeNiro on missions.
  • November, another "doll," who's chubbier and more goofy. (She's compared to Tracy Turnblad from Hairspray.)
  • Dr. Claire Sanders, a gorgeous older woman whom Topher is in love with.

So now I'm more confused than ever about how the world of Dollhouse will work, since apparently the "dolls" do form human relationships despite the constant "reprogramming" interspersed with amnesia. It'll be interesting to see how Joss pulls it all together. Dushku image by Wenn. [Ausiello Scoop]