One of the best video games to come out of the Star Wars universe was The Knights of the Old Republic, which is set 4,000 years before the events in A New Hope, and was also the first RPG set inside the Star Wars world. The original game came out in 2003 with a sequel in 2004, and if this rumored concept art turns out to be right, then LucasArts is working on a tre-quel for the series. Above is "Dashaad's Fighter," which looks a bit like a TIE-Fighter that's been through a taffy-pulling machine. Find more Republican goodness in the gallery below.

These images came from deep within the bowels of James Zhang's website, where you can kill a good hour or two paging through his amazing illustrations and listening to trippy ambient music. He's worked on several LucasArts projects, including KOTOR II, so hopefully the rumors have some merit to them. We'd love to do some spacefaring and lightsaber-swinging on our next-gen systems, especially in the Star Wars-verse.

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