Wired has just posted an amazing gallery devoted to the production of these envirotastic nano-crystals that absorb carbon dioxide. Each crystal can absorb up to 80 times its own volume in carbon dioxide. UCLA researcher Omar Yaghi says these particular crystals could be used for carbon capture technologies in green engines, sucking up carbon before it hits the air. Want to see the cool machines that make these crystals?

Here is the Yaghi lab's custom robotic sampling device, which fills hundreds of cells with crystal samples.

Those samples are scanned via a rapid X-ray technique using this awesome X-ray machine, which quickly determines their crystalline structure. Only the crystals that can absorb carbon dioxide (or another desired compound) will be sorted out for more study.


And finally, here's the device that purifies samples of crystal so you can get a vial of pure carbon dioxide-absorbers, sprinkle them in your carbon capture filter, and use a combustion engine without all the goo.

Top image via Omar Yaghi and Rahul Banerjee/UCLA. Bottom image via Dave Bullock/Wired.com.


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