These paintings from the PS3 game Resistance: Fall of Man 2 make mayhem and alien invasions look downright gorgeous. We aren't sure if that's meant to be the Golden Gate Bridge in the image above, since the structure of the supports looks somewhat different, but if it is... San Francisco looks like it might take a pounding in this sequel. We've got a whole gallery of this beautiful art below.

In the original game you're play Sgt. Nathan Hale who has been tasked with keeping an alien invasion out of Britain, but the sequel shifts things to the United States. Maybe he did such a good job that the aliens decided to say "screw it" and cross the pond — somehow they managed to cross the Pacific pond, though. We wonder if they'll be trashing any historical or religious landmarks like they did with the Manchester Cathedral in the first game, which actually became the center of controversy. Maybe the aliens could invade George W. Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas? We're just saying.


Resistance 2 will be out sometime in the next couple of years, but in the meantime you can ogle the gorgeous artwork. Until someone releases Concept Art: The Game, it's about all you can do.

Resistance 2: Get your concept art here [Computer And Video Games]