First director Neil Marshall had to go around telling everybody Doomsday isn't a zombie movie, and now after you watch this new clip, he'll have to explain it's not a swords-and-barbarians flick either. But judging from a slew of newly released stills from the quarantined-country movie, Doomsday doesn't have any problem mashing up tons of genres. The movie looks like a dollop of Mad Max stirred in with a dash of medical thriller. Click through for a gallery and synopsis.

In Doomsday, the lethal Reaper virus nearly wipes out a small country (I think it's England, but the synopses don't make that clear), so the rest of the world walls off that country to keep the virus in. (As far as I can tell, the virus doesn't make you savage or mean, it just kills you, unless you're lucky.) Three decades pass, and the rest of the world remains virus-free. Until one day, the virus turns up in a major city. The authorities send Rhona Mitra into the quarantined country to try and retrieve a cure to the virus by any means necessary. But you just know that if two women enter this country, only one woman will leave. It's that sort of country. Doomsday, directed by Marshall (The Descent, Dog Soldiers) opens March 14 from Universal Pictures.