Teasing their upcoming alien invasion summer storyline Secret Invasion, Marvel Comics have started to release a series of daily promo images hinting that some of their super-heroes may, in fact, be shape-changing extra terrestrials out to take over the world. Using their latest tagline "Who do you trust?" - a variation on 2006's Civil War tagline "Which side are you on?" - each image has artist Greg Horn's airbrushed portraits of a fan-favorite character striking a familiar expression while having sporting unusually green skin and having a ribbed chin for extra pleasure.


Will any of these heroes turn out to be aliens and, if they do, will anyone really care that much? So far, reaction to the teaser images has been somewhat muted, with fans posting comments like "I'm looking forward to secret invasion and everything, but these teasers are stupid." Maybe it should be less "who do you trust?" and more "what will make these people satisfied?"

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