Just months before its sequel premiers, Evangelion 1.0: You Are (Not) Alone has won the Animation of the Year award at the Tokyo International Anime Fair. The movie, which mixes traditional animation with newly-available 3D computer generated imagery, begins a four-movie reboot of the teens vs. aliens Neon Genesis Evangelon series collectively called Rebuild of Evangelion, and has been enough of a hit in its native country to appear on the cover of the Japanese edition of Rolling Stone.

You Are (Not) Alone, which was released in the US under the much less interesting title of Evangelion The New Movie: Preface, doesn't just retell the story familiar to fans of the original '90s series; the new quartet of movies updates the original story to make it more understandable for non-fans, and leads to a fourth movie that will contain an all-new conclusion to the series. The second movie, Division , trailed at the end of the first movie, is due to debut in Japan later this year.

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