Annalee is asking costumed fans roaming the halls of WonderCon one crucial question: How they would strip out of their costumes if they had to get naked really, really fast? She caught up with the dayglo assassins from TIGER PUNCH!, a forthcoming comic book featuring hot girls in eye-blistering gear. Find out how they'd strip down inside.

  • Day Glo Assassin (on the far right): "This isn't too dissimilar from how I normally dress, so I'd probably just take off my wig and book it. But, if I had to get naked, I'd probably start with the boots first, because it's hard to take anything off over them."
  • Agent Orange (second from the right): "The gloves! Because they make everything more difficult to maneuver around, especially zippers."
  • Random Hot Friend In Leopard Dress (second from left): "I think the tights, those are the hardest things to get off. I'd have to start there and move upwards."
  • Obsidian Blackbird McKnight — The Arch Nemesis (on the far left): "I'm wearing seven layers, there is no fast way for me to get naked. I guess I'd start with the corset I guess. That would make things easier."