This morning's batch of spoilers includes yet another bunch of hints for the new Star Trek movie, which continues to sound more and more like a cheese-fest. There's also spoilers (and delusional theories) for Lost, new photos from Iron Man, and a behind-the-scenes video of the filming of X-Files 2. Click through to let the spoiling happen.

  • Leonard Nimoy will be the only O.G. Star Trek actor in the new movie, confirms Chekov actor Anton Yelchin. There will be "lots of alien ethnicities" on board the Enterprise, including distinctive-looking non-human creatures helping to run the ship. Chekov doesn't get captured or tortured for once. The film ends with an iconic shot of Kirk, (young) Spock, Chekov and the others on the Enterprise bridge, in their classic yellow, blue and red pajamas. [MTV Movies]
  • A new toy has raised speculation that the fast-healing assassin Deathstroke will make an appearance in Batman: The Dark Knight. (But, probably, it's just a random action figure.) [Slashfilm]
  • Here's an incredibly boring video of the filming of X-Files 2, featuring Mulder and Scully. Warning: incredibly boring! [Flynet]
  • Here's a preview of the first seven pages of next week's issue of Captain America. [ComicBookResources]
  • Lost spoilers from this week's Entertainment Weekly: We'll know all six of the Oceanic Six within a few weeks. We'll learn how the Six got off the island, and what happened to everyone else, by the end of this season. We'll also learn the identity of Jack's coffin-corpse from the season three finale. But we won't learn the secrets of Jacob this season, nor will we fully unpack that polar bear skeleton that Charlotte found in Tunisia. We will see the inside of the freighter and meet more freighter people. And the last five episodes of season four will emphasize characters who have been there since season one — including the returning Michael. [Entertainment Weekly]
  • Crazy Lost theories abound, including the idea that the island is actually millions of years in the past, before humans evolved. [Jackson Citizen Patriot]
  • In Torchwood, we'll see more of that romantic tension between Captain Jack and Gwen (that you could cut with a yawn) even though Gwen is marrying Rhys. Jack and Rhys will definitely clash over "what is best" for Gwen. [AfterElton]
  • And here are some new Iron Man pics, showing some babes, Tony Stark as a captive, Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts and Iron Man's mentor-turned-nemesis Obadiah Stane. [ScreenRant]