This morning's spoiler roundup is mostly pictorial. We have another batch of photos of Sulu from the new Star Trek, and they give away something about what John Cho will be doing in the new film. We also have a glimpse of the new Red Hulk in action, in his forthcoming comic book. But we also have some wild rumors about next season of Heroes. Click through to let the spoiling begin.

  • Heroes volume 3 will reveal more about the company, and we'll meet a French woman named Sophie (Jessica Collins) who works for another organization that tracks super-powered mutants. (Or maybe a French branch of the Company?) Villains known as the "twelve Sylars" escape from holding cells. We'll see Christopher Eccleston's invisible guy and finally learn what Hiro's dad's superpowers were/are. [Darkville-Heroes]
  • USA Today has a sneak preview of the second issue of the new Hulk comic, featuring the Red Hulk in action. Apparently, the issue reveals who the new Abomination is, but not who the new Hulk is (although fans are beginning to suspect the old Hulk's therapist, Doc Samson.) Here are a couple of choice bits: