The virtual world is as real as a chair in Boston. From the same design consortium that brought us the psychedelic cathedral Evoke comes a new project called Remote, which links a chair in Second Life with a chair sitting in a gallery near Boston's Emerson College. Here are some of the cool (but admittedly pointless) ways in which the two chairs affect each other.

- When Boston gets humid, the SL chair gets misty.
- When SL gets windy, the fan blows stronger in Boston.
- When someone sits on the chair in Boston, the chair in SL gets foggy.
- When someone sits on the SL chair, a mist machine turns on in Boston.
- When Boston gets hot, the SL room lamp turns red.
- When avatars linger around the SL chair, the lamp in Boston gets brighter.
- The SL chair gets taller the more times you sit on the chair in Boston.

How does it work? I actually don't know. Images by Haque Design + Research

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