People who have seen the trailer for the live-action version of Speed Racer say it looks more like a video game than a movie. But what's wrong with that? If you can make a film feel like the eyeball-blasting you get from a game these days, then the marketing department, the toy department, the sequel department, and yes, even the video game department will fall over backwards trying to kiss you on the ass. So it's no surprise that Speed Racer is getting a video game for the Wii and the Nintendo DS (which unfortunately means that graphics are less than amazing), and you can check out the new images from it in the gallery below.

It'll leave your retinas in a bit of pain, but it's the only time we've ever seen anything come close to approximating the view from inside one of those Hot Wheels loop-de-loop courses we used to play with back in the day. Some of the lines in the trailer made us cringe a bit, and we'll be missing the ultraquick dialogue and the speed lines... but we're marginally starting to look forward to what these races look like both in the movie, and in the game. We just hope you can use all of the gadgets that the Mach 5 has to offer while you batter your opponents.

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