We told you that Steve Gerber passed away earlier today, but did you know the guy created the first ever Marvel Super Special in 1977, featuring the band KISS? Not just any normal KISS, but a superpowered group who encounters villains from the Marvel archives, including Doctor Doom and his tutor, Dizzie the Hun. If that wasn't weird enough, the actual members of the band mixed in drops of their blood with the printing ink for that issue, which probably horrified mothers across the country.

They even had a notary public on hand to certify that yes, KISS did indeed mix their blood into the ink at the printing press Marvel used.

Talk about putting yourself into your work. It also reminds us when Mark Gruenwald died suddenly in 1997, and they mixed his cremated ashes in with the first collected graphic novels of Squadron Supreme. No idea if Steve would have wanted his body contributed to anything, but it would be nice if Marvel could put out a commemorative edition of Howard the Duck for people who don't know anything but the movie.