If it's Wednesday, then it must be time-travel or space war. Or, in the case of one of the new comic books this week, some combination of the two. This week's comics see all manner of classic scifi ideas repackaged for today's super-hero-centric audiences. Relaunches, forgotten series, and an unfinished classic all wait for you to click that "more" button.

DC Comics make the largest grab for your science fiction dollar this week, with three collections aimed right at your sweet spot. Mark Waid's run on Legion of Super-Heroes concludes in the uneven, but worth reading, Supergirl and The Legion of Super-Heroes: The Dominator War collection, which sees a time-travelling Supergirl join the 31st Century's favorite teenage rebels in a battle against alien invaders. For more interplanetary action, look no further than Green Lantern: The Sinestro Corps War Volume 1, a hardcover collecting the first half of the popular storyline that aims to make you scared of at least half of the rainbow.


And then there's Booster Gold #0, in which the super-hero Quantum Leap series flashes back to mid-90s time-travel crossover Zero Hour.

Less expected - but no less worth searching out - is the reprint of Time Masters, a semi-forgotten 1990 series by sci-fi writer (and Fiction Liberation Front creator) Lewis Shiner, along with Bob Wayne and artist Art Thibert. Starring Rip Hunter (now appearing in Booster Gold after a star turn in 52), the series saw time travellers at war with an Illuminati led by an immortal caveman, and if that hasn't made you even slightly curious, I don't know what will.


Marvel Comics, in comparison, are travelling in time in a different way. A previously-incomplete story by original creators Stan Lee and Jack Kirby sees print (aided by artist Ron Frenz, filling in for the deceased Kirby as best he can; the now-85-year-old Lee completed the script last year) in Fantastic Four: The Lost Adventure. Will it be more than an experimental curiosity? Pick it up to see for yourself. Also, the relaunch of the Fantastic Four hits the shelves. Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch, who came up with the critically acclaimed and popular Ultimates series, are taking over with this week's #554.

Also from Marvel this week: X-Force #1, in which Wolverine - yes, io9ers, your favorite character - gets together with lots of similar characters (including his clone ex-hooker daughter; yes, really) to kill bad guys and grimace a lot. I'm being sarcastic, but watch this be the best selling book of the month, depressingly.

The comic that may deserve that position is Image Comics' The Next Issue Project, which sees an all-star line-up of creators take on public domain characters from the 1940s to create what would have been the next issue of their adventures had their series continued. The high concept may not grab you, but creators like Mike Allred, Bill Sienkiewicz and Ashley Wood should. You can read creator Erik Larsen talk up the project a little more here.

If none of those grab your fancy, the complete list of tomorrow's releases is available here, and for those who want to know where their closest comic book store is? You can do so here. Honestly, sometimes we make it so easy for you...