Good morning and welcome to our obsessive roundup of everything spoilery in science fiction. There's a new promo clip for Knight Rider that shows way more of the show's action. And we ask an important question about Ricky Gervais' new movie. Also, there are some new tidbits about Smallville, and a look at the guy from 90210 as he'll look on Sarah Connor.

This Knight Rider promo just started airing on NBC, and gives a good look at KITT's "voice modulator. [KnightRiderOnline]

  • Separately (if this counts as a spoiler) Val Kilmer is re-recording all of KITT's dialogue, taking over from Will Arnett. [IESB]
  • Is Rick Gervais' This Side Of The Truth science fiction? It's about a world where nobody ever lies, and Gervais' chracter invents lying. Anyway, he also has a depressed next-door-neighbor (Jonah Hill) and a loser friend (Louis C.K.). [Hollywood Reporter]
  • If you really can't wait until Thursday, here are two incredibly blurry videos of mobile-phone clips from the next Smallville. Chloe's snooping gets her into trouble, and Clark has a tense moment on a boat. Or maybe it just looked seasick because of the camera shaking around. [Superman Homepage]
  • Also, Black Canary's cry makes Clark's ears bleed and breaks Green Arrow's arrow. By the end of the episode, Green Arrow can't wait to introduce Black Canary to the Justice League. [SpoilerTV]
  • And here are four new pics of Brian Austin Green as an amnesiac visitor from the future, in next week's Sarah Connor Chronicles. [TVAddict]