io9 was on hand last night at Warner Bros. Studios, where their home video department shared plans for the studio's 85th anniversary celebration this year. They'll be focusing on superheroes, putting out a mega-collector's edition of Batman Begins, a Batman Anthology set, and some refreshes of other Batman and Superman DVDs. Check out our highlights from the event, which involve superhero crotches, fetish footwear, and a few minutes with Terminator Salvation director McG.

The Warner corporate suits told us about the plans for this year's DVD releases, Warren Beatty told a few stories about meeting Rita Hayworth back in the day (and he shamelessly hit on the two female representatives from Amazon and Best Buy), and Richard Schickel showed off 10 minutes from his in-progress, five-hour documentary about the history of Warner Bros.


However, the real highlight was the party in the Warner Bros. Museum afterwards. Of course, we geeked out and headed straight to the superhero junk, like Wonder Woman's costume (with dress cape!) from the television years, although the bright blues have faded to purple. Plus we never realized just how generous that crotch was until we got close. It almost outshines Batman's codpiece, seen above.

They also had Superman's suit from Lois & Clark on display, as well as the Batman Begins batsuit and Superman's duds from Superman Returns. Did you know those super-boots have the S-shield on the heel? We didn't. Plus there are lines of satin-like piping running down the arms of the costume, which we also didn't know about. If only the public knew! It could have saved the film.

We also spoke with McG who talked about his upcoming Terminator Salvation film. He says he "wants to do what they did with Batman Begins, which is respectful of the previous movies, but is also something wholly new." He wants the film to explore "Asimov ideas and the Phillip K. Dick ideas. In a day and age where we can clone sheep and give someone a titanium shoulder, science fiction is becoming reality."


He also wouldn't spill on who his dream Terminator would be, although he admitted he loves Robert Patrick, whom he cast in Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle and We Are Marshall. He also loves actors like Eric Bana, although "at the end of the day, he's just not the right guy for it. That's a masculine role, and you really need someone to step in and fill those shoes." He promised us a sit-down sometime in the near future, although we could tell he wanted to punch us in the back of the head when we asked him to pose with the Superman Returns suit. Such missed opportunities.