Check out this new concept home by Cradle 2 Cradle. It has a photosynthetic, phototropic spinach skin surface and a vegetated roof system that filters storm water in. Keep reading for its full uber-sustainable features list.

The spinach house has:

- A vertical core with super-conductive photosynthetic plasma that generates 200% more voltage than ordinary solar cells.
- The spinach protein shell of the house grows over time, generating enough electricity to power the neighbors' homes, too.
- The vegeted roof collects storm water and filters it. Non-potable water goes to a septic tank below the home, and then feeds the garden.
- Soy-foam wall panels keep heat in.
- Reconstituted concrete with striated polymer mesh reinforcement helps keep the open floor plan intact.
- Walls can be moved around easily to accommodate growing families and renovations.
- The unique contours of the building increase wind speed overhead, generating more power.
- Hot air flows out of the house through the core stack ventilation tower.
- Waste is collected and re-purposed as a fertilizer for the garden. Images by Cradle 2 Cradle

Cradle to Cradle main page via Future Feeder