Crazy, out-of-control rumors are spilling onto the net about Star Trek, X-Files 2 and Torchwood, and being a responsible journalistic organization, we're passing them along to let you them for yourselves. Or maybe some of them will turn out to be true. You never know. We also have actual information, from reputable sources, about Star Trek, Torchwood, Smallville, Sarah Connor and Stargate, plus new pics from Hulk and Lost. It's all spoilers (and rumors) from here on out...

A new rumor has surfaced about J.J. Abrams' Star Trek movie: it doesn't deal with time travel at all, but rather with visiting different alternate realities. (Actually, I thought it featured time travel, which created alternate realities.) In one alternate timeline, we'll get to see a very different version of the U.S.S. Enterprise, in which it's a warship. (And will Spock have a cool goatee again?) Some of the movie will also take place in the Next Generation era, which makes sense since Leonard Nimoy is playing Old Spock.


Meanwhile, Anton Yelchin, who plays Chekhov in the new movie, appears to have confirmed the movie will feature Klingons. Or else he was just talking metaphorically when he said he has to look at a greenscreen scanner and pretend he's looking at Klingon warships. Rumor has it the Klingons will be somewhat redesigned. [Screenrant]

More spoilers:

  • Here are some new pics of the filming of The Incredible Hulk, which show that it'll be another bad movie for helicopters. [MoviesOnline]
  • Torchwood spoilers: A memory-altering creep named Adam joins the team and makes everyone believe he's always been there. He also makes Tosh think she's a cleavage-flashing bimbo who's dating him. Also, Gwen forgets Rhys, and Owen believes he's a dork. (So, not much change there.) When Ianto realizes his paper diary doesn't mention Adam, the psycho gives Ianto false memories of being a serial killer. Jack finally figures it out and stops Adam, and everybody gets their real memories back. We glimpse a super-cheesy vision of Jack's childhood. Gwen remembers Rhys, but declares she doesn't love him as much as she loves Jack. (WTF?)
  • Also, some Torchwood rumors: Gwen and Ianto sleep together (probably not). Bilis, the creepy old guy from the end of season one, turns up again and sleeps with Ianto. And Bilis and Gwen die. All of these rumors seem highly dubious, but there you go. [TWoP forums]
  • Speaking of "highly dubious," here's a site that claims there will be "hot sex scenes" in X-Files 2. [Telefanatic]
  • In upcoming Sarah Connor Chronicles episodes, Summer Glau is forced to attend grief counseling (ha), John gets separated from his mom and Summer and confronts how awful the future will be, and Sarah Connor meets a psychiatrist working for the FBI who's a "doomsday convert." Also, Brian Austin Green from 90210 shows up as a mysterious stranger dealing with his trauma from fighting the machines in 2027. []
  • In an upcoming Stargate: Atlantis episode, Christopher Judge will have hair! Grow it! Show it! [Gateworld]
  • More details about this week's Smallville: Black Canary, aka Dinah Lance, starts working with the Daily Planet, but she and Lois don't get along. Lex convinces Dinah that Green Arrow is a terrorist, so Dinah attacks Green Arrow's new colleague, Chloe. And Lois discovers Green Arrow's secret identity. []
  • And here are 17 new promo pics from Lost episode three, and a couple of screenshots from episode two, which show the "other" Oceanic 815 being recovered. [SpoilersLost]