Has there ever been a show as leaky as Lost? With the new season starting tonight, tons of info has already come out about episodes one and four. And now, there's another incredibly detailed batch of spoilers for episodes one and two. We also have new info about Dragonball and Watchmen, and new pics from Stephen Chow's CJ7.

SpoilersLost has posted more incredibly detailed Lost spoilers, for tonight's episode and next week's episode.


In tonight's Lost, Hurley decides to go with Locke instead of Jack when everybody splits up. But future Hurley, in his mental institution, says going with Locke was a mistake and led to all his future crazitude. Future Hurley is seeing the ghost of Charlie and wants to go back to the island, but future Jack (who doesn't have his beard yet) says they're never going back.

And then next week, we meet one of the freighter people, Myles, who can talk to the dead and ask them where their drug stashes are hidden (really.) And someone has gone to elaborate lengths to fake the recovery of Oceanic Flight 815 — but the news reports mess up and show a picture of the pilot who was supposed to be on the plane, not the pilot who actually replaced him at the last minute.

Locke and his crew have custody of Ben, who's trying his usual mind games. And one of the freighter people, a blonde woman named Charlotte, parachutes in front of Locke's crew. Meanwhile, Jack's crew ends up with Myles and another freighter person, Daniel, who are suspicious about Naomi's death. A fourth freighter person, Frank, gets hurt when his chopper crashes and lights a flare. We see a flashback to Naomi talking to her boss about how unsuited Myles, Daniel, Frank and Charlotte are for this mission.


It turns out the freighter crew's mission on the island is to capture or kill Ben, who has a spy on the freighter. [SpoilersLost]

More spoilers:

  • In the live-action Dragonball movie, James Marsters plays Lord Piccolo. Here's how he describes the character: "He's thousands of years old and a very long time ago he used to be a force of good but got into a bad argument and was put into prison for 2,000 years. It got him very angry, and he finds a way to escape and then tries to destroy the world. The cool thing is, anybody who has seen Dragonball knows that Lord Piccolo transforms into a character named Piccolo, and that is a whole other ball of wax. That is one of the most popular characters in the whole series. I've been told I'm working for people who will just flay me alive if I give too much information, but what I can tell you is the character is green, bald and has pointed ears. Heroic wouldn't be the wrong term by the end, but it's a long journey." [TVGuide]
  • The Watchmen movie includes the rape scene from the comic, Sally Jupiter actress Carla Gugino says. It'll also have fancy opening credits that show off the whole history of the Watchmen. [MTV Movies]
  • And here are a bunch of new pics from Stephen Chow's CJ7. The coolest of these are ones we've already seen before, but they're better quality. And apparently there's a tranny with a heart of gold. [IGN]