We thought long and hard about our spoiler policy before unveiling it last Monday. And in the week that followed, we've been remarkably well-behaved, despite one picture that people mistakenly thought was representational. You can now peruse our front page with no fear that you'll learn anything about upcoming storylines. (I almost said "no fear that you'll learn anything," period.)

Actually, we managed to pack a fair bit of information into our newly spoiler-compliant blog. We helped you get religion with our list of the dumbest space gods, and warned you about the nastiest sewer monsters and showed you the biggest guns. And we shared our scariest movie locations with you. There were so many great car chases in scifi, we had to break our list into two parts.

Meanwhile, Lynn Peril dissected the awesomest and cruddiest parts of Lost. And a video clip illustrated the easy way to clone an adult woman. As an adult. You also witnessed the secret power of an Atlantean in tight bathing trunks. And people had a spirited discussion on our review of this weekend's date movie Teeth.

And we had an art frenzy as well. Android sculptures can do anything you can do, only shinier. We showed you pictures of Canadian-Chinese-French manga-robot-porcelain mashups, plus robots and donuts. And check out this transparent floating cube house. Cube house!! Not to mention the fearsome cyber-crow. And the floating mosque.

Once we discovered that science fiction was more meaningful than literature, we got all excited about books. Daniel Wilson taught us how to survive an alien invasion. Plague novelist Barth Anderson explained why science fiction hasn't gotten on the "epidemic lit" bandwagon. And you told us which books scream "romance" to you. Elizabeth Bear's online war-machine story totally blew us away.

We also went science crazy! Everything scientific was mega-huge, including mega-environmentalism and a mega-chemical that cures loneliness. All of the mega-science got our brains so swelled up, we needed nano-brain-surgery.

We profiled Japan's wackiest inventor. And exposed the U.S.' burning need for a space race with China. And we talked to the directors of techno-horror-scifi movie The Signal. And we told you why the Sarah Jane Adventures is hotter than Torchwood. Now when will we get our Sarah Jane DVDs in the U.S.?