For people who work in cubicle farms, Nerf guns are a great way to blow off steam. Forget to turn in your TPS Report? Just unleash a stream of Nerf darts onto Bob, three cubes over. But certain people take Nerf guns to a whole new level. Like this Nerfy-replica model of the signature Lancer from the Gears of War game, complete with a chainsaw, LED lights, and sound effects. How did this Nerf gun get to be so cool?

Nerfhaven is a forum where Nerf junkies talk about modifying stock Nerf gear. Now, sometimes people paint a gun a different color, like these cool Steampunk Nerf pistols, but several members get a bit more hardcore. Like Forsaken_angel24, who gutted a stock Nerf rifle and a toy chainsaw, and built this amazing piece of amalgamated plastic. The image above shows the final product, but just look at what he started with. You can see incredibly detailed step-by-step instructions on the site, which are also shown in the video below.

We're all for chopping and mashing things up, but this just goes above and beyond our feeble hackery. Next up, we'd like a Nerf Wave Motion Gun please, thanks. [Kotaku]