The bumps and ridges on this vase are created from a real human fingerprint. Made with rapid-prototyping tech that "reads" your prints and converts them into a 3D object, the vase is designed by Kris Lovett and called "Embossed." The process for creating it is actually fairly simple, and you can get Lovett to make one out of your own fingerprint too.

Lovett is also the creator of Flat Gat, which uses computer numerical control (CNC) machines on sheet material to create 3D guns and ammo; and Flexor, a pair of sneakers that mimic the muscular mechanics of a grasshoppers' leg.

Lovett is a student at the University of Arts in Philly, a skater boy geek whose senior thesis dealt with the idea that old skateboard decks could be re-purposed into woman's shoe heels. Images by Kris Lovett

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