Some new behind-the-scenes photos from X-Files 2 have emerged, and they either give away a major plot element... or show the lengths Chris Carter will go to in spreading red herrings. You be the judge. Also, there are a ton of new spoilers from Lost, and some new deets about Smallville, Jericho Chuck and Heroes. It's all part of starting your day spoiled.

  • TV Guide has some new Lost spoilers: there's a helicopter taking people off the island, and Desmond demands a seat on it. You'll see Charlie again, even though he's dead. The freighter crew are Jeff (Lawnmower Man) Fahey, Jeremy Davies, Rebecca Mader and Ken Leung. We'll learn where Michael has been all this time, and he'll play a crucial role in episode eight. [SpoilersLost]
  • More Lost spoilers: One of the freighter people has a connection to Oceanic Airlines, and they know something about Penny. [LostSpoilers]
  • Someone who appeared to die in the Lost season finale will turn up alive and well in the first new episode. [Ask Ausiello]
  • Adam/Kensei will definitely get dug up by another villain in Heroes, and it sounds like he is related to Nikki/Jessica somehow. [SuperHiro]
  • In Smallville episode 7.12, Lois plays a role in finding Clark's missing cousin. And Clark has to probe Lex's mind telepathically to save Lex's life. [TheMediaCritic]
  • The final Chuck episode on Thursday introduces two new recurring characters: a female enemy agent who works at the Pita Pit near BuyMore... and a hunky male CIA agent who wants to "take Chuck into custody." [BuddyTV]
  • The catty mom on Jericho didn't have her contract renewed for season two (yay!) but she will make an appearance in one episode (bah). [E! Online]
  • A spy for snapped these set photos from X-Files 2, which seem to indicate Mulder and Scully will face a crazed wolf-man. Or maybe someone put on a cheesy costume for Chris Carter's birthday? [JoBlo]