Welcome to our crazy TMI wake-up call of spoilers. We have some new info about whom Captain Kirk hangs out with in the new Star Trek movie, plus hints about the plot of Doctor Who season four. Plus some new stills from the teleporting-mutants movie Jumper, below the fold.

  • Leonard Nimoy's Old Spock has a couple of scenes with Chris Pine's Young Kirk in the new Star Trek movie, Pine says. [TrekWeb]
  • Episode five of the new Lost season is Desmond-centric, but boat person Jeremy Davies appears in flashbacks as an Oxford physics professor. [ApproachingLost]
  • The Doctor Who rumors are true: not only will Rose and Martha come back at season's end to rescue the Doctor, but so will Captain Jack and Sarah-Jane Smith. The Doctor gets badly injured in an explosion and needs Captain Jack to be his "muscles and guns man," hints actor John Barrowman. [BadWolfOne]
  • Meanwhile, fans are increasingly convinced that Davros, creator of the Daleks, will be in the final episodes. [Torchwood.TV]
  • And here are some new pics from Jumper, featuring hot flamethrower action. [IESB]