The big screen version of the Justice League of America has been put on hold and sent back to the drawing board. Plus, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie was fairly craptastic. But pretend, for a moment, that the two projects collided in your imagination and the resulting movie kicked ass. Got it? Now imagine that it had some even more kick-ass action figures to go with it. Stop pretending and feast your eyes on the gallery below.

First showcased on our sister site Gizmodo, Sillof's custom action figures are a highly detailed labor of love that he creates in his spare time. Just check out his Dune and Star Wars Re-Vision projects. He also have a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen set, but these Justice League figures done up in steampunk-style really take the Victorian-era cake. He used the Gotham by Gaslight graphic novel as the model for Batman, and extrapolated what the other members of the Justice League might have looked like. Check out the detail on Hawkgirl's mechanical wings, and Aquaman's helmet and suit, keeping him hydrated. These figures are so well-made that we want to buy the whole set right now. Instead, we'll have to just focus our telepathy circuits on making Hollywood turn the aborted movie into something like this.

Gaslight Justice League Models by Sillof [Brass Goggles]