A terrible tragedy has befallen an abandoned Elvis karaoke android in the streets of New York City. Jeff writes in to tell us about how he rescued this shattered, Westworld-looking bot from certain destruction in a trash bin. Now he's immortalizing it on film and hopes to get it working again.

Apparently Elvis used to live in some kind of arcade. Here is Jeff's friend Eliza hanging out with uninjured Elvis.

Jeff speculates:

I imagine there was either a messy breakup or a drunken kickboxing match, and Elvis-bot here took one right in the grill, then got dumped in the road. The thing is, covered in grime and with part of his face missing, it's MILLIONS of times cooler than it ever was brand-new. Sure, it took a little trauma and a lot of scarring, but that's what builds real character in humans and robots alike.

Here are two more tragic looks at Elvis' robo-remains.

Flickr stream of the tragic robo-Elvis