How the second season of Jericho ends will depend on you, the viewers. The show's producers filmed two endings, and they'll choose based on whether the show earns a third season. If the show gets canceled, it'll end with a nice tidy resolution. But let's hope we get the more open-ended ending that sets up season three. As this (slightly spoilery) clip shows, Jericho season two is way more political and edgy than the first season, and it deserves a chance to build on those themes. Click through for to learn what seasons two and three are "about," with pretty vague spoilers.

Says producer Carol Barbee, Jericho season two is about saving America and our way of life. A possible third season would be about saving the world. Not too ambitious, then. Luckily, Jericho season two is very newbie-friendly. In fact, you may like the show even better if you missed the sometimes slow-boiling season one. So we're keeping our fingers crossed for a ratings surge. [Sci Fi Wire]