New York City has been hammered on by both I Am Legend and Cloverfield, as well as a slew of other films. It's been flooded, frozen, ravaged by viruses, and pummeled by monsters. But London has gotten off rather lightly, having merely been hit by one supervirus in 28 Days Later and the sometimes wonky special effects from multiple episodes of Doctor Who. Recently, however, disgruntled Londoners rejoiced when their city was hit by a massive wall of water in the August miniseries Flood.

While we love Robert Carlyle, especially in Trainspotting and 28 Weeks Later, this movie unfortunately looks like an artifact from the days of Volcano, Twister, and Earthquake. Carlyle plays an engineer who worked on the Thames Barrier, which can't withstand the double whammy of high tide and a series of perfect storms that brew up enough water to bury Big Ben underwater.


Of course, Carlyle fights back against the water with some hokey science and cheesy melodrama, and the movie gets mired in relationshippy chatter as people prepare for the end, instead of buying a boat and getting the hell out of dodge. Still, we in the States are hankering to see it. Flood washed into the UK several months ago, but hasn't made it to our shores yet — except, apparently, on the "family friendly" ION network where it aired in December, got its advert ripped to YouTube, then ripped to our own Flash player. Still, you can really catch the fear on Carlyle's face through the pixelation, can't you?

Flood [Channel 4]