Gearfuse has somebody's camera-phone recording of the Cloverfield monster in action, which they posted as an animated gif. It sort of looks like a zany monster dance, partly thanks to the choppiness of the animation. This will be someone's LJ icon with a silly caption half an hour from now. Click through to see it and read spoilers for Star Trek and Battlestar, plus new Lost and X-Files pics. Spoilers follow, so be warned!

I'm not even going to make the obvious joke about a cameraphone recording of a handheld video cam recording. Meanwhile, there's also a new clip that doesn't show the monster.

  • The giant time-travel donut thingy from the original Star Trek? The one that sends Captain Kirk back in time to smooch Liz Taylor? Turns out it's not appearing in the new Trek movie after all, says screenwriter Roberto Orci. Any time travel in the movie will be "totally original" and yet will reward fans who know all about the canon. Make of that what you will. [TrekWeb]
  • We'll get to know Abe Sapien a lot better in Hellboy 2, and he'll have more action scenes using a gun as well as Capoeira. And he'll have a love interest. [IF Magazine]
  • Agent Doggett and Agent Reyes won't appear in X-Files 2, but will be in the third film if it happens. [X-Files community]
  • And here are three more new pics of Mulder and Scully. [UGO]
  • In Battlestar season four, Starbuck will learn of the Cylon god's prediction that she's the herald of the apocalypse (from Battlestar Galactica: Razor.) Lee and Baltar will definitely make it to Earth. Lee and Anders take part in the big space battle in the first episode, and some of the Cylon raiders refuse to fire on Anders because they somehow realize he's a Cylon. Tigh is in denial about the whole "Cylon" thing, but Tory is stoked about it. Cally kills herself early on this season. We'll learn who the final Cylon is sometime in this spring's episodes, and it'll be "emotionally resonant" and make sense of a lot of things. [Pop Media Cult]
  • Jack and the other Lost castaways who make it off the island agree to lie about what happened. They don't see each other much afterwards, and when they do it's incredibly uncomfortable. [WildBluffMedia]
  • And here are three new promo photos from Lost: [SpoilersLost]