Remember back a year or two ago when Battlestar Galactica was the darling of the airwaves, and everyone was praising it as the best scifi show to come out since... well, forever? Fans rejoiced when the producers said they were working on a new prequel series to be called Caprica, that would explore the days before the Cylon war, and would follow the family history of the Adamas and the creation of the Cylons. The SciFi Channel ultimately decided not to greenlight the project, citing monetary concerns. However, word is that the series may live and breathe at last, at least for two hours.

The pilot script for Caprica was handed in long ago, meaning it could be put into production while the writers strike, although they wouldn't be able to take it to series until something happens on that front. With television shows vanishing left and right, the Sci Fi Channel and other networks are opening up the filing cabinets and reconsidering options like this that they'd shelved before. NBC/Universal recently put in a call to Mark Stern, the VP at Sci Fi, and told him they want them to revisit the project, so you might get a pilot episode out of the mix, if nothing else.


Sort of like an interstellar version of The Waltons, the series would follow two different clans, The Adamas and the Greystones (who were behind the construction of the Cylons), and would be a family drama. Set fifty years in the BSG past, this means that Admiral Adama would be what, ten years old? We imagine there would have to be some sort of a rift between these two families to create some tension because without the gleaming silver robots, who would they be fighting? Probably each other, like the Hatfields and the McCoys.

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