We saw Cloverfield last night, and we'll post a full review on Friday. (Meanwhile, here's a new clip, from much later in the movie than the other clips.) But we were left curious about this incredibly detailed synopsis, which has been all over the Internet for weeks... and which is almost totally wrong except for a few important details. Did this person see a rough cut? Is it a fan-wanker who just wanted some attention? Our theory: Producer J.J. Abrams paid someone to post this.

For one thing, the synopsis gets enough stuff right that it seems to come from someone who actually had seen the movie. Even the most obsessive fan wouldn't have known those details back when this review got posted. Then there's the fact that it spends so much time referencing viral marketing crap, like the Japanese Slusho! drink and the evil Tagruato Corporation. Again, an obsessive fan might have thrown that stuff in, but it looks more like someone trying to keep up the dizzy dance of viral marketing a little while longer. We love the part where the faker swears he/she doesn't work for Bad Robot, J.J.'s production company.

The question is, how much does it cost to pay someone to post fake spoilers on IMDB? We're curious! Does anybody know?