We haven't mentioned much about Will Smith's upcoming summer movie Hancock, where he plays an alcoholic, homeless superhero who does a hell of a lot more collateral damage than he does good. Remember (shudder) when Superman gets exposed to that weird fake Kryptonite from Richard Pryor in Superman III and goes on a drinking binge? That's the character Hancock. Eventually Hancock gets cleaned up and put back on his feet by publicist Jason Bateman, and then he promptly has an affair with Bateman's wife, Charlize Theron. Hey, if you're going to be a super-dick, why not do it in style? Check out the trailer above and some more tidbits about the film inside.

  • The film was supposed to be called Tonight, He Comes, although the title was changed (probably for obvious reasons) to John Hancock, and then later just to Hancock.
  • Directors Tony Scott, Michael Mann, Jonathan Mostow, and Gabriele Muccino were all attached to the film at one point before they they attached Peter Berg.
  • Hancock was supposed to be filmed before I Am Legend, but during the game of musical directors Hancock got pushed back and the vampire super-plague movie went into production first.
  • The font in the trailer mimics the Heroes logo font. Coincidence? Shyeah, right.

We're all for drunk superheroes tearing up the landscape, and it makes us yearn for Marvel's old Damage Control comic book, about the people who had to tabulate all the superpowered damage and repair whatever got smashed. Accounting: the real life of glory.