Futuristic fire-fighting boots and a robot dog may not be the focal point of this piece of concept art, but they're definitely the most intriguing. We're not sure what these boots are supposed to do in the first place, but we know that the artist calls them "fire pumps."

Do they spray water out of the soles or give the wearer the ability to leap through flames? The robot dog with a hose for a tail is a lot more self-explanatory. He could scout ahead for hotspots and then take care of them himself with a flick of his hind end.

While we wouldn't mind living in a world populated with artist Neville Page's civil workers, we doubt that much work would get done. Everyone would probably be busy taking the day off to pose for calendars. Still, we love the attention to detail in these boots, even if neither we nor Neville know what they do. He tossed the whole piece together in a day and a half, wanting to work mainly on a pinup in some futuristic fire-fighting gear. Looks like he succeeded. Pair her up with the futuristic fire engine and you're playing with fire.