We told you yesterday about the upcoming line of Heroes figures, and now we've tracked down more images of the first wave of toys based on the hit NBC show. These are apparently all prototype figures — the real ones will be out later this year. Based on what we've seen, maybe that means there's still a chance to go back and fix things like making Claire actually look like her character, and having Sylar not look like a neanderthal. Check out more mind-bogglingly awful details and pictures inside, like Sylar with his awesome brain accessory.

  • They've given man-bags to all the guys on the show, except Sylar. Is that the hot new hero fashion accessory of the year?
  • Sylar might include an alternate pointing "let me open your head up" finger-hand, as well as a "shards of flying glass" accessory hand. Oh, and a baseball cap.
  • Claire would come with alternate "injured" body parts that you can swap out, featuring "regularly occurring forehead injury" head.
  • Peter in a double-hoodie wearing outfit, and would have extra "radioactive" hands that look like he stuck them in boiling water. Ouch.
  • Hiro comes with "Ando's sword" covered in blood (what?) and his alternate "constipated" power-activating head.
  • Mohinder comes with a tiny version of his dad's Activating Evolution book, complete with his picture on the back cover.
  • There will be a special "Flying" Peter figure, who basically looks like he has a swooshing coat, at a retailer to be named later.
  • Mohinder was going to come with a set of his files, and an urn containing his father's ashes. Which would have been weird. Does he carry that urn around on the show?
  • Of course, raddest accessory ever: Sylar comes with a brain.

Out of the whole set pictured here, which would constitute the first wave of figures, only Peter really looks fairly close to the real deal, complete with his emo haircut. The rest of the gang could do with a makeover, including everyone's favorite baddie, Sylar.

Images from the March 2008 Issue of Toyfare Magazine, Issue #127.