Kevin Smith is admittedly a fan of science fiction (io9 spied him at the William S. Paley Festival's Battlestar Galactica event in Beverly Hills), and his love for Star Wars and comic books is pretty well-documented. However, other than his Flying Car short film, he hasn't directed anything down that road. Once his film load lightens, however, he plans on making Ranger Danger and the Danger Rangers. We've just learned more about the project.

Ranger Danger is not to be confused with Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers, or the actual Danger Rangers, who teach kids about safety. According to Smith, this project as "My stab at a comic-book/sci-fi movie. It's in the vein of Flash Gordon, something I've noodled with a couple of years. Now I feel we are mature enough filmmakers to tackle it." Smith? Mature? Wha?

So far the film has only appeared as a t-shirt worn by Randall in Clerks 2 (see above for image), and it looks like a Rocketeer knock-off. If Billy Campbell is really trying to bring that property back, then he might have to go head to head with Smith, who has two movies to finish before he could even start this one. Hopefully it'll be fart-joke free, because methane cannot mix very well with a jetpack.

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