Marvel Comics has made some high quality wallpapers from the upcoming Iron Man movie available on the web, and we won't argue that they are spiffy, shiny, and gorgeous. However, did they really need to brand the things four times? In the shot above (mega-version here) you've got an awkwardly placed Iron Man logo right under Tony's fist, along with the release date. Do you really want a release date on our computer's desktop? Check out what else is wrong with this picture inside.

If you slide eyes right, you'll see not one, or two, but three mentions of Marvel. First, you've got an embedded "Marvel authentic wallpaper" logo, which just sort of boggles the mind. Do you need a big note telling you that yes, this is indeed wallpaper? In case you didn't get the point, you've got the trademark and copyright by Marvel in 2007 note, and then the official Marvel logo right below that. So apparently Marvel is releasing an Iron Man movie this May, just an FYI.

Beyond that, the wallpapervertisements of the Mark III armor look great, but what's with those lame-o Mark I shots? Seriously, they look like shaky-cam shots that didn't make the advertising cut.

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