Welcome back to New Comics We Crave, a weekly column about what comics to buy on Wednesday, written by our resident Comics Czar, Graeme McMillan. Way to go, Marvel. Not even a week after I go and say that January is a graveyard for interesting comic releases, and you put out two big-name books in the same week. I'll dig into the Marvel titles, some horror, and the one book every SF fan should absolutely be buying this week, after the jump.

First up is Amazing Spider-Man #546, which is the first issue of the new rebooted version of the character - Now, he's single, living with his immortal aunt again, and - if the MySpace previews are anything to go by - getting some girlie action from women who're happy that his marriage was retconned out of existence by the devil himself. With art by Steve McNiven, the man who drew one of the most popular comics of 2007 (That'd be Civil War, the political allegory that involved heroes punching each other in the name of liberty, for those who didn't know), and curiosity driven by the highly negative buzz for the new status quo, expect this to be sell out quickly and for Marvel's embattled editor in chief to boast that he knew he was right all along.

Marvel's second high-profile book is Hulk #1, another relaunch of a major character in the wake of a popular storyline. With Bruce Banner having apparently died at the end of last summer's "World War Hulk", it's been left purposefully vague just who is the bright red Hulk that stars in this new series by Heroes's Jeph Loeb (illustrated by Ed McGuinness). Loeb's reputation in comic critical circles isn't the greatest, but he consistently manages to hit the general public's sweet spot of dumb but pretty action, which is pretty much all you should want from a Hulk book. Cautiously worth a look, at least.


If you're jonesing for more monster action, you might want to pick up Dark Horse's Evil Dead #1, an adaptation of the monster movie that made Sam Raimi into a household name in houses that watch cheap horror flicks, or Friday The 13th: Badland #1 from DC/Wildstorm, which attempts to resuscitate the hockey mask horror franchise with added hacking and slashing. Horror of a different kind can be found via Virgin Comics, which launches Jenna Jameson's Shadow Hunter on an unsuspecting world with a special preview "issue zero". Yes, not content with making headlines for a failed vaginoplasty, Jameson comes to comics in the guise of a daughter of demons who gets to save the world while showing a lot of cleavage. One for the bathroom readers amongst you, most likely.


If you're looking for something to buy to hide Jenna's comic behind, you could do worse than my pick of the week: Teen Titans: The Lost Annual. Written by creator of the super teen team Bob Haney, the plot of this previously-cancelled special issue involves JFK sending the teenagers into space to bring peace, love and 60s-esque good vibes to alien races the world over. Admittedly, it's may not be as violent as Evil Dead or as scarlet as the Hulk, but there's little doubt that this 64-page, $4.99, oneshot will give you the best value for money at your store this week.

And let's face it: you'd rather have Wonder Girl in those ginchy hotpants rather than Jenna's bleach blondeness any day, right? Well, aside from that whole "fictional teenager" thing, at least...