io9 came to life this past Wednesday on some nanoflop crystal computers in a Martian science outpost. On our first day, we told you what an io9 is and brazenly posted a manifesto called "Addicted to the Future."

We told you about ten scifi books we can't wait to read in 2008, and made some rather strident generalizations about why Star Trek should stay dead.

We wondered whether the United States is the least futuristic country in the world, and then posted an elaborate historical chart of Doctor Who's ambivalent career as a revolutionary.

We also had a series of prolonged triviagasms, making exhaustive lists of fuels for your spaceship gas tank, the best superweapons, the awesomest mobile devices from the future, and the craziest eyeball hacks.

We recommended (only partly sarcastically) that you watch Flash Gordon, ogle a fully-functional synaesthesia machine, drool over hot Storm Trooper pinups, and gaze in stupefied awe at a picture of exploding nanowires.

Also, the Man with Horn Rimmed glasses from Heroes stopped by to chat, Greg Pak talked about writing the comic book series Planet Hulk, and the bloggers at io9 introduced ourselves.