The cast of Battlestar Galactica poses for a "Last Supper" tableau in the latest Entertainment Weekly. And it looks like one Cylon Six is pointing at another one. Click through for more pics, and the cryptic spoilers they supposedly point to.

So what's with the two Cylon Sixes? The EW article confirms our report that there'll be a new Six named Natalie, who leads a group of Cylons with a "separate agenda" from the rest. Baltar's version of Cylon Six, meanwhile, "has proclaimed that she is delivering the gospel of the [Cylons'] one true god," says executive producer Ronald Moore.

Other spoilers: President Roslin is brooding over something that impacts a mid-season plot twist. Lee Adama doesn't return to active flight status after resigning last season. Baltar may seem to be on track to become a religious leader, but that's a red herring. It's significant that the only person embracing the back-from-the-dead Starbuck in this photo is her husband, Anders. Also, the knife in Chief Tyrol's hand may have some significance for his half-Cylon baby.


Also, Sharon and Hilo are looking at someone warily, but Moore won't say who. Only that that person is "definitely reacting." And even though the President and Admiral Adama are apart, they're turned towards each other. Finally, Moore strongly hints that the final Cylon is someone who's not in this picture. (Which just proves that our poll a while back was right.)