As toxins invade environments where small animals dwell, and as those animals are bio-engineered to be smarter, you're going to see a booming market in safety gear for tiny creatures who want to stay pert for their Cute Overload closeup. I predict a run on artist Bill Burns' rubberized gas masks. They're made for any creature with a snout who is about the size of a possum or raccoon. Burns has got a whole line of safety gear for the post-apocalyptic Cheezburger set, including safety goggles and biohazard suits in diminutive sizes. Below the fold are pictures of some of the most useful gear.

Here is a pair of safety goggles that would be great for a squirrel:


And a complete safety setup, with Red Cross tent, biohazard outfit, and radiation suit:

And what bunny doesn't want a nice bullet proof vest that fits snugly?


You can see more of Bill Burns' work on his website, The Safety Gear Museum.