A young girl gets caught in the middle of a post-apocalyptic war in Descendants, a new movie from Chile. The only people who survive the military death squads are the ones infected with a weird disease that leaves sores all over their bodies. Descendants, also known as Solos, is sort of a zombie movie but it looks way more like a post-apocalyptic survival film. Click through for a gallery of stills, and info about another future dystopia movie that's fighting off the zombie label.

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Doomsday, coming in May, is post-apocalyptic but not a zombie movie. People assume Doomsday features zombies because it's about a plague that wipes out most of the population, complains director Neil Marshall. But no. The plague liquefies your insides, but you don't ever come back to (un)life after that. People probably also jump to the zombie conclusion because Doomsday involves the infected Scotland being walled off, and everybody knows Scotland is full of zombies already. [Rabid Doll]