Warner Bros. has been tossing enough promo photos, teaser trailers, viral ads, and movie posters onto the internet to cause a serious glut of Dark Knight materials. Which is where this refreshing slap in the face video comes from. Netizen and part-time editor ntbone has mashed up the sound from the recent trailer for The Dark Knight with clips he's cut together from the 1966 Batman movie, starring Adam West as the caped crusader.

For those of you who haven't seen it, the Joker (who also is the central baddie in the upcoming movie) goes nuts in this film and dehydrates the world leaders at the United Nations, turning them into piles of dust. Luckily, Batman and Robin save the day, but screw things up a bit when they rehydrate everyone: everyone now speaks the wrong language. Hilarity! The dynamic duo then head off, leaving the leaders to deal with the problem on their own.

I'm surprised it's taken someone this long to do a Batman mashup with the old series, but this one made me laugh pretty hard. Especially the "Like me!" shot. I don't know why I'm finding Cesar Romero speaking with Heath Ledger's voice so amusing, but chalk it up to fumes and crossed wires. If someone could make us a some high-quality Heroes, or better yet, Misfits of Science meets meets X-Men mashups, we might be okay with the current state of television.