Trey Parker and Matt Stone are set to do to Japan what they did to the U.S. in Team America World Police: inflate every pop-culture stereotype until it soars overhead with a loud farting noise. The only twist is, their new movie Giant Monsters Attack Japan! will be aimed at kids. Find out the reason this movie may achieve monster-classic status, after the jump.

After reviving the lost art of marionettes in Team America, this time Parker and Stone are bringing back man-in-rubber-suit action for a pastiche of Japanese monster movies. We've heard a rumor that Eiji Tsuburaya Productions, creators of Ultraman and many classic Kaiju costumes, may be working on this movie. But it's also possible that Nickelodeon, which is producing the movie, may use its own in-house staff.


The script, by J.F. Lawton (Pretty Woman), sounds silly enough to fit in with classics like Baseketball and Orgazmo. The Smith family moves to Japan, and Mr. Smith has a hard time convincing his eight-year-old son Johnny that Japan isn't all robots, ninjas and giant monsters, like he's seen on TV. But then it turns out pop culture has represented Japan perfectly. Johnny befriends a family of ninjas next door, while his dad discovers that all the giant monster attacks make his life difficult. When Mr. Smith's plan to build robots to defeat the giant monsters fails, Johnny decides to go to Monster Island to convince the somewhat-nice Megamonster to help save Japan.

Judging from Lawton's comments, Giant Monsters will revel in the cheesiness of guys in rubber suits whomping each other. But here's hoping the movie does more than just re-create all the old monster-movie wackiness. Parker and Trey are at their best when they take a tired stereotype and give it a weird extra twist, but it may be hard for them to do that when they're playing outside their native idiom and toning it down for the kids. Parker/Stone image by INF/Goff. [IESB]