Following on from the season 4 trailer tacked onto the end of last week's Christmas Special, Doctor Who fans are fairly sure they know what to expect when the series returns in March: another villain from the original series. One fan gushes ungrammatically on a Doctor Who message board:

I am more convinced then ever that the Rani is next seasons 'big bad' after seeing the trailer, I mean the giant wasps alone are very Rani. Plus their was a host of other clues in there if you looked.


Admittedly, those other clues don't seem to stretch any further than a mysterious female hand taking The Master's ring at the end of the last season, and an as-yet-unknown character having red nail polish, but that's not stopping certain fans from getting excited.

Here's what another one says:

I've not yet seen the trailer, but if it is the Rani my interest is piqued again. A story arc within a story arc would definitely be unexpected and most appreciated because of its way-coolness — and with the Rani no less; especially if she remains as scientific and dispassionate as in "Mark of". That would be SWEET. Time will tell...


For those who don't remember the Rani, the evil female Time Lord from the '80s played by soap actress Kate O'Mara, Wikipedia is here to fill you in in preparation for possible nerd-out. Prepare for the potential return of shoulder-pads this spring, just in case.

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