Beloved scifi-Western series Firefly has been off the air for five years, and it's been more than two years since the spinoff feature film Serenity hit the screens. Now all you junkies who miss Joss Whedon's show about misfits and rebels in space can get your fix at the local comic book shoppe. A three-issue series called Serenity: Better Days comes out in March, and after the jump we have a look at the first four pages. We're looking forward to this one.

According to series creator Joss Whedon, the plot involves a successful robbery masterminded by Captain Mal Reynolds and his crew. "Basically, they pull off a heist and everything doesn't go completely wrong. This, needless to say, has never happened, and it's about how they deal with success." It's set during in the television series continuity, which is almost like having the show back. Almost.


Based on these pages, and that great shot of a grinning Jayne, we're excited about this book. While it would be great if this show was still on the air, this comic book will hopefully be the next best thing. If we just didn't have to wait three months for it. Does this mean there's still hope for for a Voyagers! comic book? I'm still holding onto some hope.