Those rumors about aliens in the new Indiana Jones movie? Appear to be true, judging from new images of the Lego playset. Click through for a picture of skeletons in alien helmets, plus Terminator TV and movie spoilers. It's all part of Morning Spoilers, where we reveal the plot twists of tomorrow.

  • The Cloverfield monster attack lasts at least seven hours. Someone named Beth gets hurt and is trapped in her apartment, and her friends have to go back for her. And someone says they have the choice between dying indoors, dying in the tunnels or dying in the streets, according to new TV spots. [ProjectCloverfield]
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger's model of Terminator hasn't been invented yet during the scrapping-with-Skynet days covered in Terminator 4, nor will there be any time travel. But both might pop up in T5 and (god forbid) T6. [CinemaBlend]
  • Glimpse the backstory of teleporting outlaw movie Jumper, including Samuel L. Jackson's Paladin character, by reading the first 20 pages of the prequel graphic novel. [Comic Book Resources]
  • Oceanic Airways, the fictional airline in Lost, quit flying after Flight 815 crashed but has started up again, according to a dollop of viral marketing. [ComingSoon]
  • Quarantine's reporter trapped in a sealed-off building will have more problems to deal with than just rabies-infected mobs. [Shocktillyoudrop]
  • The Justice League will be portrayed as Greek gods, or possibly will actually be Greek gods, in George Miller's new movie. It's not clear. [CHUD]
  • Get Your Mad Max on by watching a behind-the-scenes clip of the Death Race remake, featuring a "Dreadnaught," half oil truck, half tank. [BloodyDisgusting]
  • We'll see a younger version of John Connor in a flashback, plus a Russian thug and a ballerina, in upcoming eps of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. [Terminatorsite]