There are a lot of ways to consume io9 RSS feeds. First, there's the regular RSS feed that will give you every piece of crunchy goodness we post every day. For that, subscribe to our full feed (with ads) or a partial feed (without ads). But there's more!

But you can also get more creative. You can subscribe just to our features (original reporting and meaty commentary), which occur about once or twice a day. Or you can subscribe to a particular tag, such as Heroes or Battlestar Galactica. That means you'll only get stories related to what you want to know about. Just pick your tag, and plug it into this format (replacing the word "heroes" with your tag of choice):

Then you'll get all stories tagged Heroes.

Or if you only want to read about movies, try:

Even better, you can opt out of seeing items with a certain tag using the not: operator.

Say, for instance, you're never going to watch Star Trek and you never want to see any news related to the dreaded bumpy-forehead series. Exclude the Star Trek tag using this URL:

Now you've got the Spock-free feed.

You can combine tags and not:tags, too. Any combination of tags and not:tags works. Say you want all our books-related stories without any stories about books that are related to television, because kill your television and all that crap. Use this: