Eliza Dushku may spend a lot of time channeling Summer Glau in Joss Whedon's new show, Dollhouse. Joss tells SFX magazine that Eliza will be "playing a whole host of different personalities, including a total, childlike naif." In other words, expect to see her doing an impression of River from Firefly. Joss corrected your Dollhouse misconceptions, and delivered some surprising news about a Buffy TV spin-off.

Those rumors that the writers' strike had killed any hope for Dushku's Dollhouse permanently aren't true, Joss claims. He also provided a new twist on the premise: instead of a toy for rich people as we'd heard previously, the main character is a secret agent. Dushku plays Echo, who can be programmed with the skills and memories she needs to carry out any covert assignment. The part about her spending her "downtime" between jobs as an amnesiac among other mind-wiped agents is still true.


Likewise, Ripper, the BBC show featuring Buffy's mentor Rupert Giles, is still going to happen, Joss insists. Fans stopped waiting for this look at Giles' dark side years ago. Ripper "isn't imminent, but it's absolutely on the slate. The Beeb have been grand." Eliza Dusku and Summer Glau photos by INF/Goff. [SFX]