Now you can reverse the effects of cyanide poisoning with just one pill that takes effect in less than three minutes. It can also make you impervious to the effects of cyanide if you take it less than an hour before being exposed to the deadly poison that's a favorite of terrorists and death camp counselors. Discovered by retired University of Minnesota prof Herbert Nagasawa, the antidote is now being developed as a drug. It uses the body's natural defenses against cyanide to turn people into poison-repelling superheroes.

Cyanide kills by preventing cells from using oxygen — essentially asphyxiating you at the cellular level. Usually it causes death very quickly. But humans are naturally a bit immune to cyanide's effects, which is why we are able to eat pitted fruits like peaches which contain small traces of the toxin. Nagasawa's fast-acting cure for cyanide floods the body with the detoxifying substances that it would naturally use when helping you digest a peach.


Once this cyanide antidote hits the market, people can walk into a room full of cyanide gas without falling into a coma and dying. Combine this with the new cloaking material discovered a few days ago, and you've got an invisible, invincible human.

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